#7 - 7 - in Prologue


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Author Note


SpaceladyArt SpaceladyArt said:

Whoops guess who forgot to queue this page! Hope you're all well and safe atm... I'm okay, though quite stressed and tired.

I AM trying out streaming work on newer pages, and I'll post a link here when I'm doing one later today!

Thanks as always for reading, it means so much to me 💖

1st Apr 2020, 4:50 PM



Mrremoraman Mrremoraman

I love how dark and shadowy this is! Such a grim sense of isolation!

27th Apr 2020, 6:31 PM


SpaceladyArt SpaceladyArt

Thank you! I'm glad the loneliness and dread is coming across

1st May 2020, 2:27 PM

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